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Why Hire a Janitor?

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Office Cleaning refers to the cleaning of commercial premises, usually of a size that would warrant a facility of that size. The usual size for commercial cleaning businesses is larger than 5 rooms but smaller than 10. Commercial cleaning firms are usually contracted for large-scale cleaning work on a large scale. However they can also be contracted for routine office cleaning duties. They are mainly hired to clean offices as part of the larger cleaning program.

Office Cleaning includes dusting of furniture and equipment, emptying trash containers, dusting windows, wiping tables and desks, vacuum disinfecting, and cleaning the bathrooms and kitchen. The usual tasks done for office cleaning services include dusting of the computer equipment, desks, shelves and drawers, and shelves. These supplies should be vacuumed at least once a week to prevent mold or mildew from developing. Dusting with a damp cloth may be necessary to remove finger prints and smudges. Vacuuming all office equipment, especially those which are in frequent use, should be done daily. Some companies offer their customers the option of using an authorized employee to dust and clean their office.

Home Office Cleaning Services includes cleaning of the desktops and any other surfaces in the home office, disinfecting of surfaces to reduce the spread of germs and cleaning tools for removing germs from surfaces. Some companies also provide their customers with professional germicidal UV printers to sanitize any documents which may have been exposed to sunlight. These UV devices emit short-wave wavelength germicidal irradiation which kills microorganisms, including bacteria, viruses, and fungi. This germicidal irradiation kills harmful germs such as E. coli, hepatitis B, HIV, and Salmonella. Office Cleaning Melbourne

Floor Cleaning Services includes cleaning of floors in commercial buildings and homes. Some companies offer their customers the option of using an authorized employee to dust and clean their floors. Most companies offer both hardwood floors and carpeting to their customers. Hardwood floor cleaning includes polishing, sealing and vacuuming. Carpet cleaning includes vacuuming, extraction and shampooing.

Office Cleaning Services includes dusting furniture. Some companies offer their customers the option of hiring an authorized employee to dust furniture in the office and home. The furniture is dusted with either fine sands or abrasive materials to remove surface dirt and dust. Many office cleaning services also provide steam cleaning services to remove dust and make the furniture clean.

Office Cleaning Services includes mopping and sweeping. In some workplaces, designated individuals who are responsible for the mopping and sweeping of the floor will be given regular training. Employees will be taught how to properly vacuum and how to keep their sweeper well maintained. Sweeping and mopping desks will be cleansed at least twice each day. Vacuuming should include cleaning the lint filters and wiping down the glass.

Office Cleaning Services usually includes the use of cleaning products to get rid of dirt and grime from furniture and desks. Many janitorial services also provide their customers with janitorial products to use. These products include floor finishers and spot cleaners that can be used to get stubborn marks and stains out of furniture and desks. Floor finishers are used on concrete and stone floors. Spot cleaners are used to get rid of stains, dirt, grease, food stains, and red marks.

Office Cleaning Services usually includes the use of industrial-grade vacuum cleaners to remove dust and dirt from carpets and floors. Vacuuming is usually done on a regular basis to ensure that the floors and other surfaces stay clean. Janitorial services may also provide their customers with cleaning supplies such as vacuum sprays, dusting balls, mops, towels and more. Using these supplies on a regular basis keeps the workplace tidy and germ-free.

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